Whiting chose western Colorado to set up the new venture, and in April 1989 hatched out his first Hoffman Hackle chicks there from eggs sent to him by Henry from Oregon. In addition Whiting Farms acquired the another quality genetic dry fly hackle stock in 1997, known as Hebert Hackle, to complement its existing genetic pool and product line. The Hebert/Miner™ hackle stock is reknown for incredible dry fly capes and the widest, best and most unique array of natural colors of any hackle stock in the world.

From about 5,000 birds that first year (1989) to over 125,000 total birds harvested in 2000, Whiting Farms has risen to become the largest fly tying feather producer in the world market. In addition, Dr. Whiting has cultivated numerous new natural colors, 20 now and expanding.

Whiting Farms has production on three primary ranches in western Colorado with a central processing, shipping and administrative facility. Also, Dr. Whiting has developed an “American Hackle” chicken line specifically bred for salt water and other wet flies. Coq de Leon feather birds from Spain that provide fly tying feathers are also being raised, and several other feather birds are under development as well for future proprietary products.
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